Saturday, 11 February 2012

Carrot and Gobo Kinpira

If someone has a bag of carrots and they’re asked what they would do with it, I bet most would consider ‘carrot cake’ or ‘carrot juice’.  However, being a lover of all things super-nutritious, I would think “Kinpira!” 
Kinpira is a Japanese cooking style which describes the method of sautéing and then simmering until desired result.  This usually gives the vegetables a wonderful colour and a great depth of flavour. 

 Today’s recipe uses the beautiful carrot and strong, earthy Gobo-root, or otherwise known as Burdock root.  If you haven’t seen a Gobo-root before, you must check it out at your local Asian grocers or macrobiotic restaurant.  The vegetable is light brown in colour and resembles a root-like, wooden mop stick!  When picking your Gobo you want one that is paler in colour and that is strong and thick. The lengths vary with each one but I like to take smaller ones because I hate to waste it if it weren’t used up in time. 
I love this dish because of how healing it really is.  Gobo has been known to purify blood and in Chinese culture, we use Gobo in soup or tea to combat diseases such as Gout (which happens to be related to the consumption of meat, dairy, excessive sugars and even coffee!). 
You must try this at home fellow readers, I promise you this dish will go down well with your family members.  Serve this up with any Asian inspired protein of your choice and a good helping of rice.  Itadakimasu! 

Recipe [2-4 Servings...depends on your appetite!] 

·         300g of Gobo cut into matchsticks
·         300g of carrot cut into matchsticks
·         2 large tablespoons of sesame oil
·         A small pinch of salt (I like Pink Himalayan salt for added nutritional benefits.
·         4 tablespoons of Shoyu (natural soy-sauce) or Braggs liquid Aminos
·         A pinch of chilli flakes (optional)
·         A sprinkle of black sesame seeds (or white if you prefer)
·         A large pinch of sugar (or even a drizzle of brown rice syrup)

Once you have cut up your Gobo and Carrot, you will want to heat up your wok or skillet on a medium-high heat.  After 30 seconds, add in your sesame oil letting the oil heat through.  Then throw in your vegetables and toss in the pan to coat evenly.  There should be a healthy sizzling sound whilst you cook the veggies; sizzle until everything looks golden and crisp. 
Next add in the salt, sugar and then the shoyu and coat evenly.  Put a lid on top of your pan and let steam/simmer for 3 minutes or until veggies are tender.  The end result should be tender with a nice bite; it will not be as nice if it is too soft!
Lastly toss in the chilli flakes if using and then plate up.  Sprinkle sesame seeds on top and serve hot (or even cold if you roll that way!)

Easy huh?  Enjoy everyone and I hope you get to know and love your Gobo! 


  1. I am going o kee my bead oyes out for gobo root, a new veg certainly to me and one I now want to try -Thanks to you.

  2. Found gobo root at a local Japanese market and I immediately fell in love with the unusual shape and length of this root!!! I had to try it. Thanks for the recipe. I didn't put sesame seeds as half of the recipes I found did not put any. I paired it with mackerel and white rice with furikake... and of course sake ;-)