Have you got yourself a pair of Vegan Chopsticks yet?  You might just, when I'm done with you.

Forgive me for sounding like I'm from 'Vegans Anonymous' but it's the only way to introduce myself.  My name is Helen, I'm 23 years old and I've been a 'Vegan' since September 2010.  

Becoming vegan is probably one of the best life decisions I've ever made.  Coming from a typical Chinese background, my family are all meat eaters and MSG, oil, sugar, salt abusers.  I actually have little friends who are vegetarian and even though it never felt right to eat meat, I was damn good at cooking it
As a person I've always been a lover and a fighter; I love those around me and I fight for what I believed in...well, most things anyway.  There had been certain episodes in my life where I tried hard to be a vegetarian but it always amounted to nothing much.  The longer I worked in our Chinese Take Away, the more I realised what kind of foods I should be eating (and no, it doesn't come with a foil tray and a fortune cookie).  

I spent a long time wondering where my identity was and why, for carrots sake, that every time I ate meat, I felt bad.  In September 2010 I decided I would become vegetarian and I realised it was because I wanted to love animals wholly and no longer be labelled a 'hypocrite'.  Something still didn't seem right... then something magical happened.  It was very fortunate that I came across Alicia Silverstone's Authors@Google seminar on Youtube, where she discussed Veganism and her book 'The Kind Diet'.  After picking up that book I became a Vegan overnight and even though the road hasn't been smooth (or clean) all the way through, I am still going strong.  

The title 'Vegan Chopsticks' should remind me that even though tradition says one thing, it doesn't mean that there isn't a better way.  I will still eat my Vegan food with chopsticks nonetheless.
This site was created to help my readers and I explore Veganism and all the happy, jolly, wonderful happenings that come along with living an Earth-embracing life.  What do I want to achieve?  A better understanding of myself and what I stand for, also plenty more earth embracing friends.  

Enjoy your stay and please come again!

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