Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Power of the Vegan Heart

If Veganity was a real religion, I bet kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and empathy would all be apart of it, as would discipline, hard work and endurance.  If Veganity was a real religion, there would be get-togethers where love is shared and appreciation was shown, and probably some good food.

I can't speak for any others out there but for me, becoming Vegan wasn't just a health conscious choice, but a conscious change in attitude and outlook.  I've spent a lot of my time growing up in anger and in pain; my parents split up in a bad way, my relationships with my large family fell apart, bad romantic relationships left me insecure and my body image was rapidly torpedoing down hill.  Recently in 2011, I also spiralled into depression whereby everyday was a blur and a smile was non existent on my face.  Those were truly dark days and some really dark periods.  I just don't want to live any more of my short life like that, ever again.

What's wonderful about being 'Vegan' is that you just seem to walk lighter in the world.  I noticed this when I did become Vegan in 2010 and when I started slipping and choosing all the bad choices, I spun into depression.  Go figure, it's hard to explain but I know that there is a direct correlation!  
Despite this I don't want my food to be the decider of my attitudes.  I want to be the good person I know I am  and if I can be kind to animals then I definitely can be kind to humans. The greatest way a person can be is to act through kindness and be good natured, staying positive and loving those around them.  This is how the God of Veganity would want it, I'm sure.  The greatest challenge is to curb jealousy and learn to hold your own tongue, keeping negativity to a minimum and spreading the love you have within you to others.  Lastly, forgiveness is something I must work on and I hope my journey will see me let go of all the anger in my past.  Hopefully as time passes, I'll be walking so light I'll be floating...

Stay kind everyone,


I wanted to share with you a photo of some really delicious plums we picked and ate at Garson's Farm last Summer 2011.  Something about this picture makes me feel wonderful.  

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